chevrolet cars

A: They will probably end up having some sort of deal where they wholesale the vehicles to another dealership so they can sell them.

They will not go back to GM.

Q: Chevrolet cars?
Im looking to buy my fist car and I would like to buy a chevy, but I only have 10,000 to spend, so I would have to buy used. So what is a good Chevy car that has good MPG

A: I've not driven a Cobalt, but I have driven a Saturn Ion. They're the same platform and mechanically similar.

They both have electric power steering. If the Cobalt's is anything like the Ion's it will be VERY twitchy. It is really tough to get used to. On the plus side, it should have a very tight turn radius.

The Cobalt does have a known-reliable engine and transmission, and it looks pretty good. Other than that there isn't much going for it.

I'd say look for any of the Epsilon and W-platform based cars. If you want to go into the 90s, look at A-bodies.

Q: Could any one tell me all the Chevrolet cars in need for speed?
I want to know the names of all the Chevrolet cars in need for speed undercover. Plz help

A: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS 396
2008 Chevrolet Camaro Concept
1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454
1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (C2) (Exclusive)
2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C6)

Q: what chevrolet cars have a wheelbase of 115 inches?
I have a 56 2dr Bel air that I want to sit on an updated chassis. The original frame is in bad shape.

A: A '95 (and similar years) Caprice is 116" - should be close enough.

But it would be far easier (and cheaper) to use one of these:
also look at:

Q: are chevrolet cars supposed to be good on gas?
what other cars are good on gas?

A: VW, Audi and Mercedes - since these are the main companies that import diesel cars to the USA. Diesel will always get better milage. Chev is mediocre at best - as are all the major US manufacturers.

Q: Are Chevrolet Cobalts girly cars and should men not drive them?
I was just wondering if Chevrolet Cobalts are girly cars. I am a man and I would like onw.

A: You have to be about 5'4" short or shorter to fit comfortably in a Cobalt. Which is the average height of a female here in the US. I sat in one last year and I had to tilt my head about 45 degrees to the side to sit in the car. Needless to say I did not rent that car. Rented a Hyundai Elantra. Really nice car. I am waiting for the 2009 Elantra Touring to hit the dealer's floors.
BTW I am 6'1" tall.

Q: How come there are so many more Chevrolet cars in NASCAR than Dodge or Ford?
I think in the last race there were 18 Chevys, 11 Dodges, 9 Fords, and 5 Toyotas. I think that the car manufacturers should all have the same amount. I was just wondering how come there are so many more Chevys.

A: And I have the correct answer for this. It is a fact that NASCAR is a pro chevy organization. More Chevys are in Nascar because they have an unfair advantage over the other 3 makes in the old car which they will race at TMS next weekend. What team would not want an unfair advantage over the other makes and Nascar made that possible when the Monte Carlo that Chevy way back in 95 was horrible. So Nascar gave them a 3 inch kickout on the nose that has yet to disappear. A major front end downforce advantage, less push in the corners. When Ford introduced the Taurus in 1998, it took 7 out of the top 10 spots at the Las vegas race, so Nascar(Chevy lovin') took and slapped a spoiler change on the Ford. They did not do anything to Chevy in 1995 when they took 26 out of 33 races that year so teams know this and pick the brand most loved by Nascar so they have the best chance to win. Make that nose look like the real monte carlo like the ford and toyota and see how many races they win, it would be alot less. And to the guy that said Ford Dodge and Toyota suck is exactly why I will most of the time unless I feel like it is not worth wasting my gas smoke a Chevy with my Mustang including Vettes.

Q: Does chevrolet offer good support and service for it's cars?
I am looking to buy a chevrolet car probably a normal car, not pickup and I wanted to know if their service and repairs and all were good. for example, if i am under warranty, and some problem arises that is covered by my warranty, can I take it to them and will they give me a replacement car for free? how long do they usually take to repair things. are they a type of company thats hard to work with or do they make you pissed off?

A: yes they do

Q: is a 2001 chevrolet malibu worth 3,250. and if anyone knows, are chevrolet cars foreign made cars or american?
made cars. also i have another concerning question. in general, are chevrolets cars dependable/good cars?

A: Duh, don't you know the theme it's a American Revolution! Oh yeah there the best no doubt.

Q: Chevrolet Cars rank in Indian auto market?
In Indian automobiles market, what is is rank of General Motors- Chevrolet?

A: Initially, Chevy cars had a spoilt name as the expenditure after buying the car was on the higher side, so now Chevy has offered warranties, where the expenditure after purchasing the car has come down. So Chevy cars have a decent ranking in India.

Q: Advantages of General Motors Chevrolet cars?
What are the advantages can we have by purchasing General Motors - Chevrolet in India?

A: In India Maruti Suzuki 800 was sold and is being sold in great numbers....
So safety rating depends on overall design of the car:::: SPARK,UVA,AVEO,CRUZE have safety rating depending on design

Just compare above models of chervolet with 800,Van,Esteem,Nano etc on safety

Now on advantages of chevy cars :
Bold and attractive looks
Value for money car!!good dealer and corporate discounts
Cashless maintenance upto 45,000 km !!!!
Warranty three years / 1,00,000 km !!!!
Expaning dealers/service network !!!! in 178 cities and 203 outlets!!!!

Q: Is this true about Chevrolet Cars and SUVs?
I am looking into getting the 2010 Chevy Equinox for my birthday and someone told me chevys are good for the first couple of years and after that they aren't very reliable.
Is this true???

A: good choice! i love the 2010 Equinox. but back to the question. that is just a perception. The past few decades it was true because GM wasn't trying, but now that they are in trouble they are trying extremely hard. The new chevy malibu actually has better than average reliability raitings. Pretty much all new GM products are just as reliable as any other automaker. Plus they look better, drive better and in some cases have better quality. The equinox is the new class leader in fuel economy, quality and surpasses the rav4 or CRV in just about everyway. I say go ahead, buy american and be confident that your equinox will work well for a long time. Not to mention that if it does start to crap out after 2 or 3 years you have a 5yr/100000 mil warrenty on that puppy so no worries. GO FOR IT!!!!!

Q: whats the value of Chevrolet classic cars or how to check prices of classics?
I want to buy a 1956 Belair chevy 210 / 110 do you know how to check the value of this car. Or is there a appraisal website

A: Depends on condition and model. 69 camaro zl1....YOU WONT EVER FIND ONE.....original low miles arouund $250,000 is what they will tell you but you could sell one for over a million if you had it. Just depends on what people are willing to pay for any car.

Q: Whats better Chevrolet cars or Toyota cars?
I got a 94 chevrolet cavalier and its been great. I would definately buy one again. What ywould you rathar have?

A: I say its all pretty much the same. It really depends how you treat the vehicle. Toyota and the other Asian car makers have been creating a lot of hype lately for reliability and long lasting engines and what-not. I don't think any other carmaker is worse though. I know a guy that has 900 000 miles on his Monte Carlo. I also know a guy that has over a million on a Land Rover (rated by most car magazines among the worst of vehicle makes). Both of these guys never have any major issues with their vehicles other than routine maintenance. Sure the water pump will give out at 150 000, but I know a lady with a Corolla and hers gave up at 45 000. I would say buy what you think is best (most comfortable and feels genuinely "tight"), not Edmunds or JD Power. When you own that vehicle, treat it good and it will treat you well.

Q: What cars/truck/suvs have a chevrolet 572 engine?
I have a 1965 chevy pickup and need to find a car/truck/suv that has a chevrolet big block 572 so I can rebuild the engine and put it in the truck.
Thanks for answers!

A: It isn't stock on any production vehicle. It is a high performance 9.4 liter 572 cubic in. crate engine. They usually deliver about 720 HP and 685 lb-ft of torque.

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